Haselgrove Vignerons Pty Ltd was established in 1981 and produces a range of premium wines, notably “James Haselgrove”, for sale in Australia. James Haselgrove Wines’ first wine was made in 1979.  The Company markets its range of consumer tailored wines for corporate, home and business, not normally found in the traditional retail market.
Haselgrove Vignerons’ business is based in the famous and picturesque McLaren Vale wine region 50km South of Adelaide in South AUSTRALIA.

JAMES HASELGROVE originally established the winery and today is involved in administration, sales and marketing as a 2nd generation winemaker.

NICK HASELGROVE, James’ son a third generation winemaker, is a graduate of the famous Roseworthy Agricultural College with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Oenology. He has over 34 vintages of experience in Australia and Internationally along with significant business and corporate experience.

James and Nick’s talents for the art of winemaking is part of their, guarantee to always provide the best possible quality and value for the wine drinkers of James Haselgrove Wines.

Three Haselgrove Wine Generations
RON HASELGROVE OBE – James’ father
JAMES HASELGROVE started the James Haselgrove Wines business in 1979
NICK HASELGROVE, James’ son, third generation winemaker. 1993 Nick’s crowning achievements was to be awarded BUSHING KING with the 1992 Futures Shiraz.
The fourth generation is waiting in the wings with Nick’s three sons already showing their interest in the family business.

In January 2016 the family business has been regenerated under the banner of Nick Haselgrove Wines. In the stable also are the well known brands of Blackbilly, The Old Faithful, Clarence Hill and Limelight.