Repour Winesaver – protect your wine

Wine Saver

Ever worry about opening a bottle and not finishing it immediately. Here’s a solution that will ensure you don’t waste a drop. Nobody wants to tip a good wine down the drain.

 REPOUR WINE SAVER – New to Australia

The new revolutionary wine stopper that is taking the world by storm.

This smart, innovative wine saver is clinically proven to remove the harmful oxygen from your wine, keeping it fresher for days, weeks, months.
We say cheers to that – again and again and again!  

Disposable and easy to use. You can enjoy your favourite bottle of NICK HASELGROVE wine over weeks or dare I say it, months. Once opened you won’t have to worry about it being undrinkable.

You can try it in your own home.
We are giving a free 4 – pack of Repour with every case of Futures Shiraz, Old Faithful or our Clarence Hill ’14 Cabernet.

Perfect to open as many bottles at one time and have a little private tasting in your own home, without worrying that unfinished bottles of wine will be wasted.

“3 months under Repour. Quarter bottle left. Just tried,
fresh as the day I opened in November”.

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