James Haselgrove 2017 Futures Shiraz release.

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The James Haselgrove 2017 Futures Shiraz is about to be released. If you have an interest in this wine with great rich history of 27 vintages, read on.

The Futures Shiraz was first made in 1984 as a rich, full bodied Shiraz wine style that is very suitable for cellaring and has achieved an enviable reputation, 27 vintages released from 1984 through to 2017.

The 2017 wine is the 27th release after maturation in oak, a small proportion of which are new. Fruit for this release comes from a single vineyard planted in 1910 in McLaren Flat grown by our close friend Pino!

Rich, concentrated fruit was handpicked then open fermented before being put to barrels to finish fermentation and then mature for 24 months. This wine has lovely medium to long term potential which will augment the savoury fruit characters expressed by this terroir in McLaren Vale. As we want this wine to mature gracefully in the bottle we use DIAM cork for quality cellaring that will still allow the wine to develop complexity and regional nuances.

The James Haselgrove Futures wines have been highly regarded over the many years since the first vintage with many awards. We call the wine “Futures” as it is always offered on a pre-release basis to our friends. As a pre-release the wine offer represents great value.

For full information of the upcoming release email jamesh@nhwines.com.au 


We’re also looking for some back vintages for a vertical tasting of the history of the Futures.

Your Help Needed!
We are planning to have a Vertical Tasting of as many Vintages as we can find from 1984 through to the latest 2017 wine, current count is 18 wines!
Here’s where we need your help. We have some missing vintages from our Cellar.
We’ll make it worth your while to search your cellar for those maybe forgotten bot-tles squirrelled away. If you have at least one and up to 6 bottles of these years we would like to acquire them from you.
To make it worth your while we’ll do the following for you.
• Recompense you for the wines coming to us by replacing them bottle for bottle with the museum 2011/2012/2014 vintage choice or a swap for any of our wines with a freebie or two
• Paying for the freight both ways as well which we would discuss with you
• Additionally you’ll get an invitation to attend with our compliments, the Verti-cal Tasting Event then lunch to be held in McLaren Vale at a date to be set, probably around the 2020 vintage time.
• And you’ll go into the draw to receive with our compliments a 3 litre double magnum of the 2017 McLaren Vale Futures Shiraz.
All that, and you just have to search your cellar or perhaps ask your friends if they have one of these Vintages:
1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998


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The Futures has a long history of recognition, here is some recent reviews from independent sources.